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September 29, 1927

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"California and Other Poems" is Latest Success of Dr. Bland

Teacher-Poet Writes New Book of Verse

    Truly the wholesome, charming picture of California has never been presented in a more inspiring way than through the medium of Dr. Bland's new book of poems entitled, "California and Other Poems." The collection includes a number of smaller poems and three very important long ones, which are at the first of the book and which deserve more than usual careful attention to appreciate their unusual beauty.

   The first poem is a chart royal which is entitled "California." Taking the regular form of a chart royal, which consists of five strophes of eleven lines each, and an envoy of five lines, making a total of sixty lines, Dr. Bland had based his first script on that formula. Then an entirely new and beautiful stanza was added which is really the most impressive one of the chant, and Dr. Bland had the acquired distinction of composing the first chant royal which consisted of six strophes of eleven lines each. The enjoy was made up of seven lines instead of five�another very original feature of this selection. To add to the beauty of the words and rhythm an extra trio of rhymes were made in the fourth and firth stanzas - and then the whole work set down as one strikingly compact unified literary effort. It is beautiful in thought, form and inspiring even to the last word, for who cannot help but muse on that marvelous refrain�"This is the Dream World never lost or old"�but will continue to carry it with them on, on, and on.

   The second work is made up of some sixty Spenserian verses and carry throughout thoughtful philosophy of profound depth. There is a tendency toward idealization as is true in the teachings of all great philosophers, and Dr. Bland's ideals and beliefs are really sincerely presented in the poem, which is dedicated to his wife, Anna Bland. Much of this poem was written this summer, the greater part being composed and completed during the vacation, which followed the close of summer school, and which Dr. Bland spent at his home at Linda Vista. To get a bit of the atmosphere, an illustration which precedes the poem, should be studied, for it reflects the attitude of various parts and adds a great deal of interest.

   The third poem which is "Yosemite" has been reprinted form the collections of poems called "Yosemite and Other Poems," and is also in "Sierra Pan." "The Yosemite" is dedicated to Edward Markham.

   The remainder of the book consists of the smaller poems "Love's Purpose" which was the poem on which the first true praise Dr. Bland had ever received was given, is included in the collection and the forward shows the praise from Joaquin Miller, reproduced from the letter itself.

   Dr. Bland has written widely in the late years and has won national recognition on many of his works. Among the most famous sonnets are "Sea Music" in the Bartlett anthology, "San Francisco" and "San Diego" among the city sonnets in the same collection, and "Twilight Star" which has won the greatest praise for our own poet.

   This is Dr. Bland's sixth collection of printed poems. The first one was published in 1907, and was called "Song of Autumn" and since then "Poems and Lyrics," "Yosemite," "Poems" and "Sierra Pan" have met great favor. This latest book reflects more clearly the great spirit of Dr. Bland, and it will probably be among the best and most successful of all his works. It is worthy of all praise and we congratulate Dr. Bland for hits splendid contribution.


Webmaster note: The above article contains a few errors:

  1. It should be Edwin Markham, not Edward.

  2. The book was Sierran Pan, not Sierra Pan.

  3. While it has not been easy to find information on Dr. Bland's family, one biography states that Dr. Bland's wife's name was Mabel, not Anna.  

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