Bus. 225F - State Taxation Fundamentals

Professor Annette Nellen

Summer 2013

The reading material at this website is in addition to the reading assignments noted in the syllabus.  Take a careful look at what is written below. Sometimes the instructions are to just skim it (online) or to just read specific pages.

Course Syllabus and Research Materials

  Reference Materials (do not print these unless you want a few of the pages)

Session 1 - Introduction to Course and Topic

Sessions 2 & 4 - Sales and Use Tax

Sessions 5 - 7 - State Income Tax

Online Sessions 3 & 6 - Property Taxes, Constitutional Princiles + Finish of State Income Tax Basics


Session 8 - Tax Incentives + Compliance Considerations


More on California

Professor Annette Nellen                                                                                                                                 July 12, 2013

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