Bus. 225K - Advanced Individual Taxes

Professor Annette Nellen

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Introduction to the course - access the two files (pdf and audio) on Canvas

Introductory quiz (no point value) - complete this before you listen to the audio file!

Audio file (60 minutes)


Review of Itemized Deductions - see links on Canvas and syllabus for this assignment


Interest Expense Limitations - the items below are best accessed on Canvas

Review the IRC sections and other materials noted below before watching the video. You should stop the video when you need to review the IRC, regulations or Notices being referred to. You will most likely want to watch all or portions of the video more than once and be sure to read the materials.

Video  (72 minutes) +   Powerpoint file    [quiz is on Canvas]



Home Mortgage Interest & Personal Interest - Section 163(a), Regs. 1.163-9T, 1.163-10T


Note: After the TCJA, acquisition debt is limited to $750,000 with a grandfather rule, and QRI only includes acquisition debt; not home equity debt. Thus, to know the tax treatment of interest expense on home equity debt, apply the tracing rules of Reg. 1.163-8T. But, if the proceeds were used to substantially improve the home (principal or second) that secures the debt, it is acquisition debt.


Passive Activity Loss Limitation - Section 469

Presentations: The time indicated below for the length of the videos does not include the time you'll need in pausing the video periodically to delve deeper into the primary authority mentioned in the video. To get the best understanding of the passive activity loss limitation rules, you need to read and re-read the regulations as supplemented by the preamble to the 1988 regulations (see link in list below).

NOTE: The videos are only accessible from your 225K Canvas website.

  • Presentation 1  -  ppt file     Video (73 minutes)  [+ quiz]

    • Note: There is an error on the audio for slide 27 on material participation test 3.  Where two individuals each work over 100 hours in an activity and they work the same exact number of hours, they are both material participants per 1.469-5T(a)(3); also see Example (3) at 1.469-5T(k).  On the audio, I say if two people work 200 hours, neither is a MP; that is incorrect. They are both MPs.  Sorry for the confusion.

  • Presentation 2 - ppt file  Video  (44 minutes)

  • Additional reading to assist in understanding Section 469 - preamble to TD 8175 (1988) which included the bulk of the regs, but was issued prior to 1.469-4 on "activity." The TD 8175 regs were slightly modified, which is why some regs do not have a "T" for temporary. That is, regs modifying a few parts of the TD 8175 regs were issued after 1988 when the 3-year expiration date for temporary regs went into effect. You will find that the preamble provides helpful background to understanding information on the first two videos and it will help with subsequent videos as well.  TD 8175 preamble

  • Presentation 3 - ppt file    Video (57 minutes)   [+ quiz]

  • Presentation 4 - ppt file    Video  (85 minutes)   [+ quiz]

  • Presentation 5 - ppt file    Video  (38 minutes) + Example from IRS Pub 925 (2009) - a review of some of the rules and more on Form 8582

  • Check-in video on Canvas with review of homework and recent developments.



Alternative Minimum Tax - Sections 53 - 59

Video (30 minutes)  +  Powerpoint    [quiz is on Canvas] 


Net Operating Losses - Section 172

Video  (37 minutes)  +   Powerpoint file   [quiz on Canvas]

Note - The TCJA changed the carryover years for NOLs (no carryback, indefinite carryforward but cannot reduce taxable income in the carryover year by more than 80%); video has old carryforward rule. There was no change in how an NOL is calculated.


Miscellaneous Topics

  • Student presentation topics - view all prior to the final exam [posted to Canvas]
  • Video lecture on Sections 1411 and 469
  • IRS FAQs on Section 1411 NIIT
  • "Check-in" videos on Canvas - you'll be notified by email when these are posted
    (generally they are posted after homework is submitted to provide a review or to cover recent developments)

Course Review Information (to prepare for final exam)

  • Q&A from prior class for review
  • Interest expense outline and ppt from a presentation Professor Nellen delivered in Nov 2012 that you may find useful for review - on Canvas (tracing rules have only had one change since 2012 - Reg. 1.163-15 to replace 30 day rule of Notice 89-35; finalized in 2021!)

Annette Nellen