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 A sampling of the many poets who visited with SJSU students, lectured on campus, contributed works to student journals, invited students to their home, or judged student poetry contests

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Legacy of Poetry

Many poets visited with students on or off campus or contributed poetry to student literary journals, judged student poetry contests, or were honorary members of campus literary societies. This website is just a start at capturing this history.  

  • A Day in the Hills - "A poetical competition of the Edwin Markham Chapter of the English Poetry Society held at Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, Satna Clara County, California  September 18, 1926."   Student works read this day, as well as those contributed by well-known poets (some of which may also have been read by the author that day (it is not clear from information available today)), were published in a booklet called A Day in the Hills (1926). The booklet was edited by Dr. Bland and copyrighted by Senator Phelan.
    • Some of the poets who attended or contributed works include: Ina D. Coolbrith, Edwin Markham, Virgil Markham, Dorothy Bendon, George Sterling, Charles Warren Stoddard, Ruth Comfort Mitchell, and Robinson Jeffers
    • An overview and excerpts from A Day in the Hills - pdf


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