doing a masters thesis with ben (CS 297/298)

thinking about doing a masters thesis with me? there are a couple of things you should know:

  1. i don't do machine learning. i want people to learn, not machines. (actually, i just really really don't like differential equations!)
  2. you can find some research projects i'm interested in at /people/ben.reed/systems-group/
  3. you need will need to do your thesis with overleaf (latex).
  4. i've learned a couple of things about doing a successful masters thesis:
    1. at the end of CS 297 you need to end up with an abstract, intro, related work, outline of the body, conclusion, and most of the references you will be using. it will be approximately 20 pages.
    2. i expect you to have a thesis ready for review by the middle of the semester you are doing CS 298.