Biomechanics Lab at San Jose State University

Lab 2016-11-17We are conducting research with the SJSU Women's gymnastics team to reduce impact forces. We are also conducting research related to training methods to help runners to become forefoot strikers to reduce impact forces and improve running efficiency. We are now offering 3D movement analyses of throwing (water polo, baseball, and football), golf and running. In addition, we are providing movement training and resistance training services to improve movement performance.

Contact me (Dr. James Kao) if you interested in these services for yourself or your clients/patients.  


Current Research

  • Reducing Impact Forces: Gymnastics


  • Reducing Impact Forces: Running

Three-Dimensional (3D) Motion Capture/Analysis and Training Services

  • Throwing and Pitching (Water Polo, Baseball, Football)


  • Golf


  • Gymnastics




  • Running

  • Gait (Walking)