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Three Paths to Deeper Understanding

TED Talks on the Pathways Themes

Syllabus and Schedules

Syllabus all sections [DOC]

MW Class Schedule (updated 11 Oct)

****Final Homestretch Schedule MW***** (updated 1 Dec)

TTH Class Schedule (updated 11 Oct)

****Final Homestretch Schedule TTh**** (updated 1 Dec)

Sample Assignments

Sample Rhetorical Analysis In-Class Essay

Sample Outline for a Response: Message to My Freshmen Students

Sample topic proposal for Profile

Sample Outline for Critical Analysis of a Film

 Major Assignments

"Retry" Option for Rhetorical Analysis

      Tips for interview questions

      Structuring a Profile Essay

      Samples of profiles from the press

      Memo to include with final draft

     Film List for Film Club Project

Small Assignments


    Extra credit with presidential debates

Peer Reviews


Required Readings

     Reading Questions for "Overture" excerpt from Gaviotas

Supplemental Readings

Principles of Rhetoric and Writing

Grading and Other Tedious Matters