English 1B Spring 2015

Policies for all sections

Mini Greensheet for MW Classes updated 7 March

Mini Greensheet for TTh Classes updated 8 April


Basics of Rhetoric and Composition

The Three Appeals [Doc]

Evaluation Criteria [Doc]

Questions for Reading Critically [Doc]

Stasis Questions


Readings (Required)

Epitaph for a Peach [Doc]

Chiefly Sentimental [Doc]

Taking Local on the Road

The Business Case for Healthier Food Options

People For Sale

Readings (Supplemental)

Food and Culture-Personal Essays

Viewpoint--Grads Should Display Valley Pride [Doc]

The Homesick Restaurant

Food and Politics

Op-ed For A National Soda Tax

A Teacher Demands Healthier Public School Lunches

Food and Ethics

Why I Became a Vegetarian--A Christian's View [Doc]

Why You Cant Sit Down to Eat Without Making a Statement [Doc]

Carnivore's Dilemma

United Farm Workers Demand Justice for Two-Buck Chuck Death

Food and Health

Op-ed Sugar is a Toxin

Food and Technology

Op-ed GMOs are Dangerous

Op-ed GMOs are not Dangerous

Monsanto Defends Itself from "Myths"

"Converted" to GMOs NYTimes Op-Ed

Dr Oz and GMO controversy

Food and Business

Technology Taking a Bite Out of Profits


Samples for Assignments

Website Analysis Sample Outline

Website Analysis Sample Pages

Sample Site Visit/Interview article

Sample Interview Transcript for Field Trip/Interview

Tips for Field Trip/Interview Assignment

Sample of Citing MLA Style

Sample Field Research/Interview

Sample Researched Argument


Major Assignments

Brief Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical Analysis of a Web Site

Researched Argument

Field Trip/Interview

Bibliographies: Working and Annotated

Oral Presentation Written Part

Portfolio Reflection

Optional Revision


Small Assignments

Writing Partners Letters

Extra Credit Options


Peer Review Sheets

Website Analysis Peer Review

Annotated Bibliography Peer Review

Researched Argument Peer Review


Grading and Other Tedious Matters

How to Use Turnitincom

Comments on my Comments

Full Rubric for English 1B