Mallon, Ken


BS, Secondary Education, University of Connecticut

MS, Statistics, Stanford

MHS, Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins

MS, Clinical Psychology, Notre Dame de Namur

Licenses and Certificates

Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist (116516)

Registered Professional Clinical Counselor (7016)


Ken joined SJSU in Fall 2021 after spending 8 years in Biotech (Genentech, Amgen) and 20 years in HiTech (Yahoo, Microsoft, start-ups) leading data science and analytics organizations.

He has a diverse background in Math Education (BS, UConn), Health Sciences (MHS, Johns Hopkins), Statistics (MS, Stanford) and Clinical Psychology (MS, Notre Dame de Namur).

Currently, Ken works at Meta (formerly Facebook) leading the Reality Labs data science and data engineering teams responsible for AR and VR experiences. He also works as a clinical psychotherapist and life coach in the evenings and weekends.


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