MAESTRXS, A Movement for Raza Liberation through Educación, is a community-based, educational, social justice organization that was created in the Bay in 1999.

MAESTRXS is an educational movement founded on a politicized, anti-oppression analysis of the condition of raza and the powerful role of racism/white supremacy, patriarchy/sexism, homophobia/heterosexism and capitalism in shaping that condition. We attack institutional, interpersonal, and internalized oppression/colonization with a specific focus on dealing with how we as individuals experience oppression, which is internalized by way of both the media and the schools. We engage in collective spiritual development with daily applications so that we can Live Racial Justice in our communities and with our youth.

We have developed a transformative model, Living Racial Justice, for engaging in this work and are focused on implementing that model and supporting each other in developing those implementations in effective ways. The goal of this work is for raza youth to be able to use their schooling and their lives to create Social Justice in their families, communities and schools. Our Collective meets every 6-8 weeks to offer support in our efforts to implement this work. We also do workshops/trainings for communities interested in our model.

This page is a resource for our members to access the key documents for the Living Racial Justice Project we are doing. These documents are for the use of MAESTR@S members who understand the model and how it was developed and is now being used. Each of these documents is complex and represents years of collaborative work.

If you are not familiar with the project or if you have any questions, please consult me for background information: [We ask that folks use these documents after participating in one of our encuentros or consulting with someone with expereince in the group].