Rokni, Mitra

Rokni, Mitra

Lecturer, Sociology & Interdisciplinary Social Sciences




Ph.D. and MA in Sociology, BA in Psychology.


Dr. Rokni's academic interests include comparative historical research on project of modernity, critical theory, political sociology, gender and sexuality, and social justice in the global context.

Dr. Rokni has taught a variety of courses overtime which include the following:

Social Theory, Social Change, Political Sociology, Global Society, Sociology of Human Rights, Sociology of Media, Sexualities, Gender and Society, Global Socioeconomic Perspectives, Identity and Social Inequality, Sociology of Work in Contemporary Society, Sociology of Minority Relations, Cross-Cultural Perspectives, Social Justice and Ethics, Philosophy of Human Conduct, War and Violence, Power, Privilege, and Wealth, Community Organizations and Analysis, City Life, Deviance and Conformity, Criminology, Crime and Society, Youth and Delinquency, Introduction to Sociology, Social Problems, and Sociology of Literature.


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