The Inquisition Record of Jacques Fournier
Bishop of Pamiers 1318-1325

An English translation of selected confessions
by Cathar heretics and Jews
to Bishop Jacques Fournier and
the Inquisition at Pamiers (France)

The following confessions are available:

Agnes Francou (member of the sect of the Poor of Lyons)
Arnaud Gélis (drunkard and prognosticator)
Barthélemy Amilhac (priest and husband of Béatrice de Planissoles)
Baruch (Jew baptized under threat of death)
Béatrice de Planissoles (noblewoman)
Grazide Lizier (widow and priest's concubine)
Guillemette Battegay (widow)
Jacqueline den Carot (scoffer)
Navarre Bru (widow)

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Nancy P. Stork
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