Hazards and Risks of Earthquakes and Volcanoes

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Time: Tuesday/Thursday: Section 1- 0900-1015; Section 2-1330-1445

Location: Section 1 and 2: Duncan Hall 208


This course includes the geologic explanation to why and how earthquakes occur on Earth. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions produce predictable types of hazards depending on different geological settings. Risks to people increase when populations are concentrated in areas where hazards may occur and when an understanding of the possible hazards is low. There are methods scientists and governments employ to reduce risks. However, economic and social issues sometimes interfere with an overall reduction of risk. Geologic information presented in this class helps students understand the scientific explanation to why some areas are more prone to earthquake or volcanic hazards and why the affected populations should be concerned. Methods of preparedness are also discussed. This is especially important when living near many major faults in the San Francisco Bay Area that have the potential of producing significant size earthquakes.


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