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Updated April 20, 2015
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All material: Copyright R. P. Vitale unless otherwise noted.


Undergraduate Courses    

  Current courses are linked to syllabi. Scroll down and click on the course to see a syllabus.

Save Paper!
Each syllabus is posted in two file formats: pdf and html. The content of both formats is essentially identical.  You are welcome to use either.

The pdf version is a compact format that will minimize paper and, when printed “2-up, back-to-back” will fold into a convenient size to slip into a book or folder.

The html version is a spread-out format for scanner use, intended to meet the new SJSU accessibility standards. Fonts are larger, and layout is less compact, adding several pages to the printed version.  If you need an electronic copy of the syllabus that can be manipulated for font size and format, this is the one to download.




Please note that, after the start of the semester, any updates or new links will be posted to the html access compliant version of the syllabi. The date of the most recent revision will be noted.

Bus 131A Business to Business Marketing - Spring 2015 - Syllabus (pdf) 

Bus 131A Spring 2015 Access Compliant Version: (html) (Updated 20 Apr 2015)                                                                                                                   

Bus 134B Integrated Marketing Communications - Spring 2015 - Syllabus (pdf)  

 Bus 134B Spring 2015 Access Compliant Version: (html) 







Sbona Honors Program


SHP Mark                           

   The College of Business Honors Program - General Information                    

   Added January 23, 2015:
   Bus 137H Honors Practicum in Marketing - Spring 2015 - pdf version










Graduate Courses

Bus 233 Business to Business Marketing - June 2 - July 2, 2014 - Syllabus (pdf)








Student Resources

(BUS233) Business to Business Marketing Resources

Summer 2014 Project Information

(BUS131A) Business To Business Marketing Resources:

Case Study Guide:
A general guide to assist students in their approach to case analysis

Case Analysis "Crib Sheet" (Developed by students to assist with Business to Business Cases)

Graphic Aids for Studying Business to Business Marketing  (available soon)



(BUS134B) IMC Resources:

Presentation On PresentationsUpdated 2 Oct 2014
A general guide to creating presentations.

 Selecting and Developing IMC Projects
A general guide to getting started with an Integrated Marketing Communications Project.

Fundamentals of an IMC Plan A guide to assist in the development of an IMC plan. (Specific to Chapter 4 of Clow & Baack, 5th Ed.)

Group Data Sheet for Bus 134B

Project Nomination Form for Bus 134B

IMC Graphic Outline
A visual interpretation of the IMC outline.

"Write It Down"
An infographic about taking notes in class.

Business Development & Market Ownership
Presented in Bus131A, Bus139, Bus 230, and other "guest speaker" sessions.
Also  prepared for ASBBS 20th Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV 2013  


Honors Program Resources:

Project Management Checklist

Team Ground Rules Template

Project Management Presentation - February 3, 2014

What are the differences between High School and College? 

Check out this page from Taft College Counseling Center!


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Department of Marketing & Decision Sciences                                                       
College of Business Home page                                                                                    
Academic Calendar                                 


Pearson/Prentice Hall Edition

Business To Business Marketing:
Analysis and Practice

by Vitale, Giglierano, & Pfoertsch



Previously Taught Courses:

Here is a list of some other courses I teach, but not this semester. Students interested in these courses should check with the Marketing Department or with the CoB graduate office for current offerings taught by other instructors.

Bus 230 Marketing Management (Graduate)             

Bus 233 Business to Business Marketing (Graduate) 

Bus 236 Current Topics In Marketing (Graduate)

Bus 130 Introduction to Marketing

Bus 132A Marketing Channels

Bus 134A Buyer Behavior

Bus 135 Sales Management

MTM 203 Transportation Markets and Business Development (Graduate)

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