Shim, Simon S.Y.

Shim, Simon S.Y.

Professor, Computer Engineering




Preferred: 408/924-7853


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Computer Science, Univ Of Minnesota Twin Cities, 1997


Simon Shim is a professor at Computer Engineering Department at San Jose State University. He was in the editorial board of IEEE Computer ( and the area editor of Internet Computing at Computer for 5 years. He worked as a Director at SAP Labs, Palo Alto, CA, USA where he worked on the in-memory database. He was a guest editor for the special issue on high speed security (2004), The CAP Theorems’ Growing Impact (2012), and Next Generation Memory (2013) for IEEE Computer. He has published more than 50 papers in journals and conferences in IEEE Computer, IEEE Transaction on Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE Concurrency, ACM MONET, and Journal of Multimedia Tools and Applications (Kluwer Academic Publishers) and multiple patents. He has co-authored one published technical book.

He received PhD in computer science from University of Minnesota. His current research areas include internet computing, database management, machine learning, and information retrieval. He has organized and served as a workshop chair of IEEE data engineering, IEEE mobile commerce and IEEE electronic commerce. He had been an editor for Web Technologies column at IEEE Computer for 5 years. He has served in many international conferences/workshops as a technical committee member.