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Cultures of the Iranian Diaspora 
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Cultures of the Iranian Diaspora

"Cultures of the Iranian Diaspora"

The conference was a wonderful gathering of visual artists, filmmakers, writers, and musicians, who gathered to share their work and to discuss the ways that Iranian culture is being translated, articulated, and evolved in its North American context.


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Persis Karim Outstanding Professor

Dear Friends of SJSU Persian Studies:

The Persian Studies program was established with grants from the PARSA Community Foundation and the Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute and successfully hosted programs, courses, and events for the past six years. Unfortunately, Persian Studies is on a temporary hiatus until we can adequately address funding resources to continue our work. Dr. Shahin Gerami is the current director of Persian Studies as Dr. Persis Karim, the founding director, has accepted a position as the Neda Nobari Chair of the Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies at San Francisco State (persiskarim@sfsu). The work of Persian Studies has created meaningful and enriching opportunities for SJSU students and the community to learn more about Iran, Persian culture, and the Iranian diaspora experience. We hope we will be able to continue in the future. To do this, we need your support and your donations.

Please contact Shahin Gerami with any questions or concerns:

With greatest respect, Persian Studies at SJSU


Iranian American Voices of Silicon Valley
A Digital Storytelling Project


Digital Storytelling

Persian Studies at San Jose State University is happy to announce the public launch of the "Iranian American Voices of Silicon Valley" project, a digital storytelling project initiated and directed by Persian Studies founding director Dr. Persis Karim. This project was the result of a grant from Cal Humanities and the Community Stories project which aims to support innovative projects that highlight California's diverse ethnic, racial and immigrant populations. With the assistance of Clint Gilbert of the Center for Digital Storytelling. "Iranian American Voices of Silicon Valley" involved extensive interviews with members of the Iranian American community and their willingness to share their stories, photos and memories. These stories and the people who share their narratives are part of the fabric and color of Silicon Valley and their contributions are part of the uniqueness of California and this region.

Featuring ten stories about the pioneering and important work and lives of these Iranian-Americans: Zohre Elahian, Nahal Iravani-Sani, Mo Gorjestani, Azin Izadifar, Shirindokht Nourmanesh, Hashem Kardevani, Niloufar S., and Sarah AghazadehWe hope that you will share Iranian American Voices of Silicon Valley with others.