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The Center for Comparative Philosophy ('the CCP' for short) is an Organized Research Unit of San Jose State University established in 2007 that aims at promoting and enhancing the research and scholarship in comparative philosophy, the concers of which cut across different disciplines as well as different areas of philosophy, for the sake of contributing to the academic mission of SJSU and the international scholarship of comparative philosophy.
Comparative philosophy considers philosophy in a global context and emphasizes the constructive engagement of distinct approaches, visions, points of view, and resources from various philosophical traditions and styles/orientations of doing philosophy: how, via reflective criticism and self-criticism, they can learn from each other and jointly contribute to the common philosophical enterprises and/or a series of common concerns and issues of philosophical significance.
The CCP pursues the foregoing goal through a variety of academic activities that include, but are limited to, sponsoring the annual CCP Lecture Series, organizing workshops and conferences, and coordinating relevant international academic cooperation and exchange.


The CCP at SJSU is the first organized research center that has been formally established for comparative philosophy in the US, especially with regard to comparative philosophy understood in a broad way.
The CCP philosophy faculty has an extensive representation of various philosophical traditions and styles/orientations of doing philosophy (Africana and African-American philosophy, Chinese philosophy, Indian philosophy, Latin-American philosophy; analytic philosophy, 'Continental' philosophies; feminist philosophy; etc.). They emphasize their contructive engagement and joint contribution to the common philosophical enterprise.
SJSU is located in the dynamic Bay Area and at the core of the Silicon Valley. The CCP enjoys a rich network of resources with respect to its ideological, cultural and international connections.