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Bo Mou

Executive Committee

Karin Brown
Bo Mou (Chair)
Carlos Sanchez
Anand Vaidya

Advisory Board

Karl Toepfer, Dean of the College of Humanities and the Arts (the ex officio)
Rita Manning, Chair of the Philosophy Department (the ex officio)
Noam Cook
Peter Hadreas
William Y. Jiang
Christian Jochim
Tom Leddy
Tommy Lott
William Shaw
Richard Tieszen

CCP Philosophy Faculty

(Co-initiators of the CCP project and their main research areas, including their CCP related areas of specialty/competence in italics)

  • Karin Brown PhD, Graduate School and University Center, City University of New York: Ethis and Political Theory, feminist philosophy; Buddhist philosophy
  • Noam Cook PhD, MIT: Philosophy of Technology; Applied Ethics, Applied Philosophy; Japanese philosophy
  • Peter Hadreas PhD, University of California at Berkeley: Phenomenology; Aristotle, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Philosophy of Music, Philosophy of Economics, Business Ethics, Merleau-Ponty; 20th Century Continental Philosophy
  • Tom Leddy PhD, Boston University: Philosophy of Art, Aesthetics, Ancient Philosophy, Plato, Nietzsche; Comparative Chinese-Western Aesthetics
  • Tommy Lott PhD, University of California at Los Angeles: Modern Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy; African American philosophy; Africana Philosophy; Cultural Studies
  • Rita Manning PhD, University of California at Riverside; Chair of Philosophy Department: Ethics, Political Philosophy; Feminist Philosophy; Global Justice
  • Bo Mou PhD, University of Rochester: Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics, Philosophical Methodology; Chinese philosophy, Comparative Philosophy
  • Carlos Sanchez PhD, University of New Mexico: Phenomenology, Philosophy of History, Applied Ethics; Mexican/Chicano Philosophy; Latin American and Iberian Philosophy
  • William Shaw PhD, London School of Economics: Ethics, Political and Social Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Science and Social Science, Marx; Comparative Approaches to Ethics and Social-Political Philosophy
  • Janet Stemwedel PhD in Philosophy, Stanford University; PhD in Chemistry, Stanford University: Philosophy of Science (esp. Chemical Theory and Practive), Metaphysics(esp. Causation), Ethics of Science, History of Science; Comparative Approaches to Philosophy of Science, Feminist Philosophy of Science
  • Richard Tieszen PhD, Columbia University: Logic, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Mathematics, Phenomenology; Comparison of Analytic and Continental Philosophy; Eastern and Western Views on Logic and on the Nature of the Mind
  • Anand Vaidya PhD, University of California at Santa Barbara: Philosophy of Mind and Psychology, Metaphysics and Epistemology; Indian Philosophy

CCP Faculty in Other Departments/Schools

  • William Y. Jiang PhD in Management, Columbia University; Chair of Dept. of Organization and Management: Strategic Management, International Human Resource Management; Comparative studies of Confucian and Western approaches to management
  • Christian Jochim PhD in Religion, University of Southern California; Chair of Dept. of Humanities: Chinese Religion and Philosophy, Contemporary Confucianism, Comparative Religions Studies
  • Richard E. Keady PhD in Religion, Claremont Graduate University; Coordinator of Comparative Religion Studies Program: Comparative Religions, Process Philosophy, Contemporary Social and Ethical Issues, Ecology and Religions
  • Chan Phan PhD, University of Chicago; Humanities: Comparative Religious Studies and Philosophy
  • Iris Xiaohong Quan PhD in Management, University of California at Berkeley; Dept. of Organization and Management: Technology and Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship; Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Approaches to Management
  • CCP Associates:
  • CCP Associate Members consist of (1) part-time Lecturers, Emeriti, graduate students and visiting colleagues at SJSU, (2) interested professionals from local educational and civic institutions, etc. who are interested in participating in the CCP activities and are willing to become CCP members.