Working in the Philosophy Department

The Philosophy Department has a number of job opportunities for students:

  • Instructional Student Assistant

    Instructional Student Assistants (ISAs) support the pedagogical work of the department, providing grading support to instructors teaching large classes or working as tutors in the Philosophy Center.

    Questions about being an ISA? Contact Prof. Tom Leddy.

    Download an ISA application.

  • Teaching Associate

    Teaching Associates (TAs) are M.A. students who teach their own course under the supervision of a faculty member. This teaching is a culminating experience for M.A. studies.

    Questions about being a TA? Contact Prof. Carlos Sanchez.

    Checklist for first-time TAs.

  • Research Assistant

    From time to time, our faculty have funding to employ students as research assistants on their scholarly projects.

  • Student Employment in the Department Office

    The Philosophy Department employs students to work in the main office during normal business hours. To see if we're hiring, contact Department Coordinator Laura Plunkett.