What to Do if You are Sexually Assaulted

Step 1: Safety

Get to a safe place.

Step 2: Contact UPD

You can contact UPD to report a sexual assault that occurred either on-campus or off-campus:

  • Dial 9-1-1 on any campus telephone
  • Use any campus Bluelight phone
  • Pickup any elevator phone
  • Call 408-924-2222 from a cellular phone
  • Visit UPD located at 377 S. 7th St. (in front of the South Garage)

If the crime occurred in an off-campus location, but the victim reports the assault to UPD, our officers will respond if the victim is on-campus or at a nearby location. UPD will also:

  • Contact the appropriate police or sheriff's department to respond to the scene
  • Attend to the victim's injuries by rendering first aid
  • Request emergency medical services to respond to the scene

Step 3: Preserve Evidence

Make every effort to preserve any physical evidence of the assault. This includes not showering or disposing of any clothing or other items that are present after or during the assault. UPD officers and specially trained members of the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center will assist in obtaining a medical examination by a qualified doctor.

Privacy Rights

Per Government Code section 6254 and Penal Code section 293, a victim of a sexual assault has the right to keep his or her name from being disclosed to anyone other than the prosecutor, parole officers of the Department of Corrections, hearing officers of the parole authority, or other persons or public agencies where authorized or required by law.


After a reported sexual assault incident occurs, SJSU will make crisis counseling available and assist the victim in changing academic and on-campus living situations, if so requested and if such changes are reasonably available.

Investigation & Prosecution

UPD will investigate allegations of sexual assault and take appropriate disciplinary, criminal or legal action for any crimes that occur within its jurisdiction. Disciplinary actions will be imposed on individual students, student organizations and/or SJSU faculty and staff found responsible for or contributing to a sexual assault. For violations that have been proved, possible disciplinary actions range from censure to termination or expulsion from SJSU.