Sex Offender Registration

According to Penal Code ¤ 290.01, registration of sexual offenders, convicted sexual offenders are required to register with university police under Section 290 if any one of the following is true:

  • Residing on the SJSU campus.
  • Enrolled as a student of SJSU.
  • Employed by SJSU, either full-time or part-time (includes paid employees or volunteers).
  • Working or carrying on a vocation at SJSU (i.e. contractors) for more than 14 days, or for an aggregate period exceeding 30 days in a calendar year (paid workers as well as volunteers).

Any persons listed above must register with UPD within 5 business days of commencing enrollment or employment with SJSU. Registrants are also required to notify UPD within 5 days of ceasing to be enrolled or employed, or ceasing to carry on a vocation at SJSU.