Sexual Assault Prevention Tips

UPD provides presentations on sexual assault prevention and education for men and women. In each case, the presentation can be formatted to address the specific issues that the group desires. Presentations may cover topics such as:

UPD stresses consequences of rape for both the victim and the suspect during presentations to mixed groups. The presentations include information, such as:

  • Rape is a crime of violence. No matter how badly you want to have sex, it is rape without your partner's consent.
  • The importance of building a relationship based on equality. Communicate expectations clearly. Both men and women should work together and respect each other's right to initiate and set limits.
  • The importance of rejecting stereotypes that teach men to regard women as sex objects or that masculinity is based on dominance and aggression.
  • Rejecting stereotypes that portray women as passive and powerless to control their lives.
  • Reasons to use alcohol responsibly. Remember that if you use alcohol or drugs, you are still responsible for your actions.
  • Recognize and learn to deal with peer pressure. Often sexual activity is encouraged or expected by peers in order to gain acceptance to the group. Consider the consequences before you make such a serious decision.
  • If you have sex with a person who is incapacitated or unable to resist or consent (due to alcohol, drugs or unconsciousness) you are committing a sexual assault.
  • Alcohol is a common factor in acquaintance rapes. This is true not only of the victim, but often the offender. It is important to give special consideration to this issue.
  • Alcohol intoxication is not an excuse for rape.

For additional information, see What to do if You Are Sexually Assaulted.