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The BA in Political Science provides students with an understanding of politics and the political process and prepares them for their lifelong responsibilities as citizens, as well as furthering their skills in critical analysis and communication. The major in political science may lead to a wide variety of careers, including teaching, law, business or public service. Download the Political Science major form here.

Students may ask any Political Science professor to become their advisor. Students may use a study planner to guide their course selection. Political Science majors have the option of choosing a career-oriented focus:

Focus on International Politics

Advisors: Danijela DudleyKarthika Sasikumar

Focus on Political Thought

Advisors: Kenneth Peter, Lawrence Quill

Focus on Public Administration/Policy

Advisors: Frances Edwards,

Focus on Practical Politics

Advisors: James Brent, Melinda Jackson, Garrick Percival

Focus on Law

Advisors: James Brent