Faculty Publications


Frances Edwards and Dan Goodrich

Emergency Management, Safety, and Security. In: Farazmand A. (eds) Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance. Springer, Cham.

Frances Edwards
and Steven J. Ott

"Government's Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic" in International Journal of Public Administration, Special Issue on COVID-19, vol. 44, nos. 11&12, 879-884.

Frances Edwards
, Joseph Szyliowicz, Dan Goodrich, William Medigovich, Liz Lange, and Autumn Anderton

Surface Transportation Supply Chain Security: Creating a Blueprint for Future Research [pdf]

Frances Edwards

"Practical Considerations for Ethical Research in Post-Disaster Communities" in Disaster and Emergency Management Methods: Social Science Approaches in Application

Darius Brown and Frances Edwards

"Sheltering the Homeless during COVID-19 in San Jose, California” (with Brown) in International Journal of Public Administration, Special Issue on COVID-19, Summer  2021, vol. 44, #11. doi: 10.1080/01900692.2021.1896546

Frances Edwards
and Dan Goodrich

"Emergency Management, Safety and Security" in Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance, 2nd edition.

Frances Edwards

"Emergency Response Systems" in International Encyclopedia of Transportation

Robert Ovetz

"The Algorithimic University: On-Line Education, Learning Management Systems, and the Struggle over Academic Labor" in Beyond Neoliberalism and Capitalism

Garrick Percival

Policy Learning and Criminal Justice Reform in the U.S. State

Larry Gerston, Mary Currin-Percival, Garrick Percival and Terry Christensen

New edition (15th) of California Politics and Government: A Practical Approach

Brandon L. Bolte, Nicholas Schmidt, Sergio Béjar, Bumba Mukherjee, Minnie M. Joo, and Nguyen K. Huynh
Package 'BayesSPsurv' [pdf]


Robert Ovetz

Workers' Inquiry and Global Class Struggle

Len Lira
and Janani Chandrasekar

The State of Research in Veterans Studies: A Systematic Literature Review

Minnie M. Joo, Nicolás Schmidt, Sergio Béjar, Vineeta Yadav, and Bumba Mukherjee

BayesMFSurv: An R Package to Estimate Bayesian Split-Population Survival Models With (and Without) Misclassified Failure Events [pdf]

Frances Edwards

"Cultural Competency and Emergency Management: Flooding in Coastalville" in Cultural Competency for Emergency and Crisis Management: Concepts, Theories and Case Studies

Dan Goodrich and Frances Edwards

Transportation, Terrorism and Crime: Deterrence, Disruption and Resilience

Sergio Béjar
, Juan A. Moraes, and Santiago López-Cariboni

Elite Polarization and Voting Turnout in Latin America, 1993-2010 [pdf]



Minnie M. Joo, Sergio Béjar, Nicolas Schmidt, and Bumba Mukherjee

Package 'BayesMFSurv' [pdf]

Ken Yeager

Guest Opinion: The Day I was told I Don't Belong in Society [pdf]

Frances Edwards

Cultural Competence and Disaster Management: Flooding in Coastalville [pdf]

Leonard Lira 

The Beauty of a Darker Soul



Leonard Lira

International Issues in Corruption Management  [pdf]

Robert Ovetz

Counting strike threats [pdf]


Robert Ovetz

Krieg in Europa, Krieg dem Kapital: wilde Streiks und staatliche Arbeitsplanung in den USA 1917/18 [pdf]

Stephanie Moulton, Matthew Record and Erik Hembre

Low Income Homeownership and the Role of State Subsidies: A Comparative Analysis of Mortgage Outcomes [pdf]


Ken Yeager

The Long Struggle for LGBTQ Equality in Santa Clara County  [pdf]


Ken Yeager

Battle Against HIV/AIDS [pdf]



Danijela Dudley

The Price of European Integration: Montenegro's NATO Membership on the Path of EU Accession [pdf]

Frances Edwards

Critical Infrastructure and Crisis Management [pdf]


Leonard Lira and Dr. Keith R. Beurskens

An Engine for Army Learning [pdf]
Army University's Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence [pdf]

Jill K. Clark and Matthew Record

Local Capitalism and Civic Engagement: The Potential of Locally Facing Firms [pdf]

Hasmet Uluorta and Lawrence Quill

Utopia or reality? How Universal Basic Income could transform our politics



Sergio Béjar-Lopez and Juan Andrés Moraes

The International Monetary Fund, Party System Institutionalization and Protest in Latin America [pdf]

France Edwards

Crisis, Emergency, Disaster, and Catastrophe Defined  [pdf]
Frances Edwards

Disaster Response Management  [pdf]


Lawrence Quill

Technological Conspriracies: Comte, Technology, and Spiritual Despotism [pdf]