Karthika Sasikumar,

Political Science Scholarship
Committee (Chair)

The Political Science Department is fortunate to be able to award more than 10 scholarships to our students each year–this is an extraordinary level of support that surpasses what any other department on campus can offer. The scholarships were created by generous benefactors–often former faculty, students, and friends of the departmentwho desired to ease the financial burden on our students as they seek to earn their degrees in Political Science. The department encourages all of our students to apply for one or more of these awards.

Note that these are department awards, and are separate from grants and aid that may come from the college, state, or federal levels. (Students should always explore their financial aids options with SJSU’s Financial Aid and Scholarship Office as well.) Some of our scholarships are reserved for those students with financial need, others are available for any student majoring in Political Science. Sometimes students assume that they are not eligible for our awards because they do not qualify for financial aid. Others assume that they are not eligible because they are already receiving financial aid. Both assumptions are probably false, since nearly all of our students will be eligible for one or another of the department’s many awards.

The different scholarships support different purposes, have different requirements, and some even have different application deadlines. We encourage you to read the individual scholarship descriptions to learn about their purposes and their different requirements and how to apply. The awards are competitive, but depending on the scholarship the committee considers a wide range of factors in each student application.