Study Abroad

Dr. Melinda Jackson with students  to Sweden, Summer 2019.
Dr. Melinda Jackson with students on the Faculty Led Program to Sweden, Summer 2019. 

DanijDanijela Dudleyela Dudley, Assistant Professor
Study Abroad Advisor

Clark Hall 449
Office Phone:
(408) 924-5573

Politics is global! We encourage all students to study abroad. The department offers a generous scholarship to its majors to make this possible. You can apply for this scholarship at any time, funds are given out on a rolling basis.

You can study abroad for a whole academic year, a semester, or take courses in the summer and winter breaks. You will receive course credit towards your Political Science major requirements, subject to approval by the Study Abroad Advisor.

Note that you can also satisfy your SJSU Studies requirements by studying abroad. Some of our Summer and Winter Faculty Led Programs satisfy R, S and V requirements. 

Studying abroad could give you an edge in the job market. Students who study abroad report that they learned about the culture and politics of the countries they visited, in a more immersive and holistic way. They also developed their confidence and communication skills. 

For more information about studying abroad, please see the Study Abroad Advisor, and/or visit the SJSU Study Abroad Office, located in the Student Union.