Campus Messages

Announcing the Task Force on Community Safety and Policing

September 15, 2020

Consistent with the university’s ongoing focus on addressing systemic racism, I am pleased to announce the appointment of the Task Force on Community Safety and Policing. Its charge is to examine the critical safety issues of the San José State University campus and the roles the University Police Department and other groups have in ensuring an environment conducive to learning, racial justice and equity.

Welcome to Fall 2020 semester!

August 17, 2020

Though we remain in the midst of an extraordinary and unprecedented period, I am delighted to welcome each of you to the Fall 2020 semester. This promises to be a semester none of us will soon forget! There is so much to reveal about all of the things we have to look forward to this semester and throughout the academic year, so I invite you to view my virtual Fall Welcome address.

Latest Update on SJSU's actions on systemic racism

July 15, 2020

Last month, I shared some immediate and longer-term action items for SJSU to address systemic racism. Several actions were identified, including steps we would take immediately as well as a number of longer-term efforts. I write today to report on our progress to date, particularly the actions we have undertaken these past 30 days and thoughts on the future.

CSU's Message regarding Budget Updates and Potential Layoffs

July 9, 2020

I remain committed to doing everything I can to protect everyone’s positions while ensuring the financial health and stability of our university during the current pandemic. Having said that, the Governor recently signed the 2020-21 state budget which cut $299 million to the CSU. As a result, all CSU campuses, including San José State, will see a significant reduction in budget allocations.

Update on SJSU's actions on systemic racism

June 26, 2020

Last week, I wrote to you about our immediate and longer-term efforts to address systemic racism at San José State. Among several specific actions we are taking, I indicated that we would create spaces and mechanisms whereby our campus community members can process the often complex issues of racism, listen to one another and seek understanding of the pain that others may be experiencing. I write today to offer an update on the activities that took place this past week.

Juneteenth Commemoration and SJSU’s Actions on Systemic Racism

June 18, 2020

Tomorrow is Juneteenth, a day that for more than 150 years has commemorated the end of slavery in this country. I encourage SJSU managers and supervisors to accommodate employees who wish to take part in community, faith-based or private family gatherings that honor Juneteenth. In addition, I call on every member of this community to help us become the fully inclusive, anti-racist, multi-cultural organization to which it aspires; this means acting decisively and intentionally on a number of different fronts.

Supreme Court Ruling on DACA; SJSU Town Hall on June 24

June 18, 2020

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling today, June 18, preserving the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, ensures that current DACA recipients at SJSU and across the country can continue to pursue their higher education dreams and goals. This ruling will provide some relief to many in our community who have awaited the decision with tremendous anxiety and fear. Today’s decision is very good news, but we must remain vigilant over the long term.

Call for Community in Light of Recent Racist Attacks on African-Americans

May 29, 2020

These past few months have been very difficult for all of us. But with recent national news reports centering on the violent killing of George Floyd by a police officer on Memorial Day and the dangerous racial profiling of Christian Cooper in Central Park, the last several days have been particularly painful for many members of the SJSU community.

Reflections on our current crisis and SJSU's remarkable resilience

March 18, 2020

“Not in my lifetime.” I keep saying those words over and over, as this moment truly is unprecedented. Just months or even weeks ago, many people had never heard the words “Coronavirus” or “COVID-19.” Things certainly can change quickly; the current public health crisis has now made those phrases household words and part of our national—or worldwide—lexicon.