Campus Messages

Reflections on our current crisis and SJSU's remarkable resilience

March 18, 2020

“Not in my lifetime.” I keep saying those words over and over, as this moment truly is unprecedented. Just months or even weeks ago, many people had never heard the words “Coronavirus” or “COVID-19.” Things certainly can change quickly; the current public health crisis has now made those phrases household words and part of our national—or worldwide—lexicon.

SJSU Response to County Shelter in Place Order

March 16, 2020

Today, six Bay Area counties, including Santa Clara County, announced a region-wide order to shelter-in-place, through April 7, 2020. The shelter in place mandate calls for county residents to stay inside their homes and away from others in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and to only leave for essential reasons. By order of the county, educational institutions, like SJSU, are partially exempt from this order. Please read my announcement for further guidane and information.

IMPORTANT UPDATES: Classes moving to remote modalities

March 9, 2020

Sadly, a resident of Santa Clara County died earlier today from the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Santa Clara County Public Health Department has confirmed 37 cases at the time of this email. This number will escalate as more people report and are tested. After consulting with California State University System Chancellor Tim White and a variety of other leaders representing our unions, the Academic Senate, and the student body, I have made decisions regarding in-person classes.