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SJSU To Zero is an HIV advocacy project based at San Jose State University, engaging with students, staff, faculty, and community partners to promote HIV education and stigma reduction on campus.

We table throughout the semester and sponsor HIV educational programming for student organizations, classes, and for the campus community. Check out our resources to learn more about:

  • HIV risk reduction and prevention strategies
  • New medical breakthroughs in medications
    • PreP: reduce your risk of contracting HIV
    • PEP: reduce personal impact and transmissibility of HIV
  • U=U |  HIV is Untransmittable if Undetectable in a person’s viral load  

undetectable = untransmittable explaining viral loads and contractablility 



PrEP is an HIV prevention pill for people who have a higher risk of acquiring HIV.  Taking one PrEP pill a day can lower your chances of getting HIV by over 99%. That’s more effective than condoms.  


PEP is an HIV prevention pill that you take if you’re not already on PrEP, and you think you’ve been exposed to HIV. Take PEP within 3 days and reduce your risk of contracting HIV by over 90%.  

How to access PreP & PEP

  • The SJSU Health Center prescribes both PrEP & PEP!
    Santa Clara County website provides directory of providers who prescribe PreP and PEP. Also find places to get free HIV testing!
    Search PrEP and PEP providers in the greater Bay Area.
  • Santa Clara PrEP Navigator Line
    (408) 792-3750, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

Paying for PrEP


Schedule a Workshop

Contact us at to schedule an educational event.  We have 10 to 60 minute presentations that can fit a variety of educational event or program settings.

  • HIV Prevention 101 (30 minutes)
  • Breakthroughs in HIV Prevention and Treatment (60 minutes).
    (Designed for 100W science classes)
  • Many Faces of HIV in LGBTQ+ Communities (60 minutes)


Volunteer with SJSU to Zero!

Become an HIV peer health educator with SJSU to Zero.  Peer health educators assist with outreach during tabling, conduct workshops, and connect with the community through our social media channels. We hold volunteer meetings twice a month for 1 hour.  Join our email list and mark that you’re interested in volunteering to learn more.

These are all the valuable skills you can learn!

  • All about HIV of course!

  • How to do community outreach, learn how to give an effective elevator pitch

  • Creating social media messages to engage and educate the community

  • Facilitate a workshop

  • Manage a tabling event


Contact Info

Send us an emai at
Stay connected to everything we're doing, join our email list!

Program Advisors

Matt Capriotti, Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology

Bonnie Sugiyama, Director
PRIDE Center & Gender Equity Center


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