How to Change Your Name on SJSU Emails

How to change your SJSU email display name to your preferred name.

Goal: Preferred name displayed instead of displaying your full name when you send email.

Step 1: go to in your preferred browser


Tab in browser for


Step 2: will automatically redirect you to login with your SJSUOne account, so sign in.


Login page for SJSU email


Step 3: Click the Gear on the far right.


Location of settings icon in SJSU email


Step 4: click the "Settings" tab


Settings options in SJSU email


Step 5: Click the "Accounts and Import" tab, then click the "edit info" link to the right of "Send mail as:" category.


account and import tab in SJSU email settins


Step 6: A window will pop up, so click on the empty box and type in your preferred name how you want it to be displayed, and then click the "Save Changes" button.


preferred name location


You're all done! It should look like this...


New Name