Updating Pronouns in MySJSU

In SJSU’s continuing efforts to promote belonging and inclusion, it is important to recognize the significance of language in how we communicate with each other.  Everyone has the right to self-identify with whichever pronoun they feel comfortable, or, the right to decline to identify altogether.    

Starting Monday, Nov 2, 2020, you can indicate your pronouns in MySJSU. Your selected pronouns will appear on Class Rosters and the Advisor Center.

You may update your pronouns at any time throughout the year; however, please be sure to select your pronouns before the end of the previous semester so that it is reflected on the rosters for the next term. 

Self-Service Student Center

  1. Login to MySJSU. On the Student Center page, go to the Personal Information
    section. Under the other personal... dropdown box, select Pronouns and click the submit
    button Submit button as a circle with >> in center..

    Student Services Center Page, Personal Information Dropdown, Select Pronouns
  2. On the Update Pronouns page, you can change your pronouns selection.  The default value is Not Listed and the Subject/Object/Possessive boxes are blank. 

    Update pronouns screen with dropdown for pronoun selection.

  3. You can select one of the pronouns from the Pronouns dropdown list. 
    Or you can keep the selection Not Listed and input your own pronouns by entering the Subject, Object, and Possessive pronouns.

    Options to select pronouns in MySJSU personal information settings.

  4. Once you have made your selection, click Save.  You have now completed updating your pronouns.  Your pronouns will be reflected immediately on the digital roster for all of your classes.  Please note:  if your professor has printed/copied their roster before you updated your pronouns, your professor will not have your updated pronouns.  If you update your pronouns once the term has started it would be helpful if you notified your professor so they can also update their own notes/records they use beyond MySJSU for their course records.

    After selecting pronouns, they will populated the Subject/Object/Possessive fields.