Erika Deshmukh

Dean's ScholarSecond time honoree
College of Applied Sciences and Arts
Nutritional Science/Dietetics

A few words from her nominating professor

“I have known Erika for three years, and she has been a student in three of my classes…in my Community Nutrition class…this class requires student to perform 20 – 25 hours of service learning.  For this assignment, Erika worked as an intern with Shapedown, a pediatric weight control program working with children and their families.  Because Erika’s work during this service learning project was exemplary, she was recommended and hired to work on a school-based nutrition education program through Camino Medical group, where she continues to work providing nutrition education to elementary school children.  Her program is well received…Most students who work part-time have a hard time juggling school with work.  Erika has impressed me with her ability to juggle school, and demanding part-time job, a family and personal obligations-all the while maintaining a pleasant demeanor and upbeat attitude.”

- Marjorie Freedman