John Kim

John Kim

Dean's ScholarFourth time honoree
College of Science
Biological Sciences and Chemistry; Concentration: Microbiology

I initially chose my Biology major because I wanted to go into medicine after my baccalaureate degree at SJSU.  But after being here and learning about the sciences, I began to notice that teaching and research started to become very enjoyable.  After talking to many professors, they pointed out the MD/PhD programs that some schools offered.  Now, I would like to continue on the path of medicine, but from the research stand point and hopefully still be able to serve the community.

This award helps reassure me that the hard work and studies I put into the semester really pays off because the university has gone this far to set up an event and recognize us for our efforts. 

I would have to say many people, including family and professors, have really been influential and has contributed to my academic success.  At home, my parents have truly been the most influential to my life because no matter what career goal or path I chose, they were always there to support me in my decision.  And at SJSU, I would have to say that Dr. Okuda has been the most influential to my academic success.  He has not only opened the doors to research for me, but has constantly helped me expand the way I think.  He has truly helped me develop into a scientist.

Never lose sight of what is motivating you to get your education.  Many times at school, we are so busy with our studies and personal lives that all we end up complaining and forgetting about the big picture of why we are getting our degrees.  Having that driving force to know what your getting your degree for has always kept me going, even during hard and stressful times.


A few words from his nominating professor

 “I have known John since the Spring of 2007, when he was a student in my first semester Organic Chemistry Course, Chem 113A.  John was consistently well prepared.  His reports were among the best I have read out of hundreds of reports.  I invited him to join my research group in Summer of 2007.  Today, he continues to work in my lab and has perfected the methodology to prepare encapsulated enzymes.  He is also training two new undergraduates and instructing them on designing their own experimental protocols.  In addition to his already busy schedule with school and research, John is well known in the College of Science for his work with the various programs involving increasing success for our majors and serving as the overall coordinator of all the College of Science peer advisors.  I feel that John is one of the best examples of one of our students who is successful simply from hard work and self motivation.  What is most impressive is that he accomplishes a great deal, and makes a significant impact in everything he does.  The greatest benefactors have been the College and our students.”

– Professor Roy Okuda