Rose Hunter

Rose Hunter

President's Scholar
College of Social Sciences
Behavioral Science

I am majoring in Behavioral Science, an interdisciplinary study of Psychology, Anthropology and Sociology.  I chose this major because I am interested in all aspects of human behavior, and would like to someday pursue a career in either personal or educational counseling.

This award means a great deal to me.  It is an honor to be recognized for all the hard work I have done thus far, and it motivates me to continue to do the best job I possibly can, both in school and work.

My sisters have been a great influence to me, and are some of my best supporters in encouraging me to continue my education.  Also, the entire Hunter family and many of my close friends have helped me attain academic success by standing behind me since day one when I chose to go back to school while raising two kids and working full-time. 

I would try to inspire other students to attain academic excellence by taking each semester one day at a time.  Classes, assignments, projects and exams can become overwhelming.  Try to keep your eye on the overall goal but focus on those small steps at the same time!

A few words from her manager

"I have known Rose for over ten yours now, and for those of you who do not know her, shame on you. She knows just about everyone on campus, she is that quiet, soft spoken voice you hear when calling Spartan Catering. Whether it's for the smallest lunch or the biggest party nothing ever shakes Rose. She maintains the coolest demeanor.

No matter how much gets on her plate she is always going to have fun with it. For the past six semesters now Rose has maintained that 4.0 GPA through all the class work, homework and still doing the BEST job here at Spartan Catering. She says she works 40 hours a week, ha-ha, we all know better then that.

On top of all that how about raising two teenagers, her pride and joy, Katie and Tyler. She has learned to multiply her time with her children rather then dividing her time among school, work and her children.

Rose, all your hard work is paying off, now and it will even more down the road....."
- Jay Marshall, Executive Chef, Spartan Shops