Curriculum and Courses

Curriculum Photo for HonorsX


The HonorsX curriculum is uniquely designed with an emphasis on the intersection of justice and sustainability — and rotates topics each academic year. For the 2022-23 academic year, the HonorsX cohort will explore “Developing Sustainable Societies.” Aligned with the university’s legacy commitment to equity and social justice, this topic grapples with how advances in science and technology create some of our greatest dilemmas and how best we sustain ourselves to evolve and adapt to our surroundings.

As an HonorsX student, you are part of a cohort, entering at the same time and remaining together for three semesters. Working in teams and drawing from diverse perspectives, you will research real problems and propose solutions that will have a tangible impact on surrounding communities. You’ll learn through hands-on experiences inside and outside the classroom, with faculty experts outside your major and with industry thought leaders. HonorsX provides foundational experiences in practical problem-solving and teamwork necessary for you to positively impact today's interconnected world.

If you dream of tackling challenging social problems in your communities and the world — and want to do so by collaborating with peers, faculty and mentors across disciplines — HonorsX is for you.


The HonorsX program includes three in-person classes, with the Fall Class meeting on Tues/Thurs afternoons. Each course emphasizes cross-disciplinary, integrative approaches to problem-solving,  intervening in vital social issues with an eye to the future. Each is co-taught by expert faculty in Business, Public Health, and Engineering.

UNVS 120
Introduction to the topic of "Developing Sustainable Societies." The theme will be examined from interdisciplinary perspectives by a team of three professors and with input from industry experts. The program may include field trips to external specialists, organizations, and sites. Teams will be composed of students with distinctly different majors and interests.

UNVS 121 
Fundamentals of engineering and scientific principles, primary and secondary research methods, discussion of ethical and legal issues in creating socially appropriate and sustainable ventures, issues of advocacy, and fundraising strategies for scaling up these ventures.

UNVS 122
Completion, presentation, and promotion of the group project. Mentoring for practical problems, presentation, and team-work issues. Full working versions of deliverables for every team. Public presentation to appropriate industry, population health, or arts community leaders through the lens of an equity-minded approach.