Testimonials from Students

HonorsX Students

Why students chose HonorsX…

HonorsX will give my academic and professional life new breadth. 

I want to be a part of something great and that’s why I want to be a part of HonorsX.

I am a new transfer student and just the fact that this program is being offered makes me excited to go to SJSU.

The Honors program will allow me to connect with other people in SJSU and learn from the knowledge that they have.

What HonorsX students are learning…

I feel I’ve gained that sense of sight to see problems in new directions I never would have had if not for the diversity of my peers.

The instructors have made me feel as an equal not just to my peers but to them.

I learned a lot about teamwork…I often work alone so I was surprised how quickly I opened up due to the environment created.

The research we’ve done in our teams has deepened my understanding of the problems we have and possible solutions for them.

Before joining the program, I had limited knowledge of sustainability. Spending time with my peers and professors broadened my perspective and allowed me to recognize sustainability problems that are most interesting to me.

I learned that a team with different backgrounds can accomplish a lot.

I’m thinking of minoring in Manufacturing thanks to HonorsX! I’m still passionate about the same problems - poverty and accessibility. I’ve also gained an interest in global warming and climate change thanks to one of our mentors.