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Student Profile (Fall 2015)



Graduate Students

Psychology Majors
1,360 71
Full-time 83.1% 83.1%
Part-time 16.9% 16.9%
New Transfers 225  
Average Cum. GPA 3.01 3.76
GPA of 2.0 and higher 96.3% 100%
Years to Degree
Native Students 4.71 2.62
Transfer Students 2.34  
Men 25.1% 23.9%
Women 74.9% 76.1%
American Indian 0.3% 1.4% 
Black 5.7% 4.2% 
Asian 25.1% 15.5%
Pacific Islander 0.2%  
Hispanic 36.8% 16.9%
White 18.2% 40.8%
 Other 8.5%  11.3%
 *Data are provided by Institutional Effectiveness & Analytics 


Faculty Profile (Fall 2014)

Faculty Status
Tenure-Track  23
Lecturer  30
Female  30
Male  23
 Black 1
Asian 6
Filipino 2
Hispanic 1
White 34
Other 9
Student-to-Faculty Ratio
Lower Division 48.6:1
Upper Division 33.7:1
Graduate Division 11.9:1


Graduation Rates*

Traditional Tracking Approach

This has been the most widely used approach for program and college level tracking over the last two decades. This approach captures academic major that students declared at the beginning of their first semester. Although students may switch the major prior to graduation, this approach concerns about the first declared major and ignores any subsequent ones.  

*Data are provided by Institutional Effectiveness & Analytics   

Graph showing trend in freshman rates over 5 years


Graph showing graduation rates for transfer students over 5 years


SJSU Tracking Approach

This is an in-house approach designed to allow students enough time to decide about their program of study (or major). For first-time freshman, the decision period is two years, for transfers it is one year. We consider a group of students who start at SJSU at the same time, but do not start tracking until the end of the decision period. The newly defined group is called a "progressive cohort". Therefore, the graduation rate was computed by dividing the number of students who graduated from SJSU by the total students in the progressive cohort.

Five year graduation trends using SJSU method


Five year graduation trends using SJSU method


Our Institutional Effectiveness & Analytics (IEA) Office provides a full array of reports and analytics, including retention and graduation rates for underrepresented minority groups and international students. A full department profile can be found HERE.