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The Master of Arts Program in Psychology affords its candidates an opportunity for advanced study of psychological theory and research techniques with the following objectives in mind:

  • To succeed in business, industry and or a research setting: Our program's emphasis on the mastery of statistical and methodological procedures, research experience, and critical thinking produces graduates that are well suited for many careers in business, government, and/or an array of research settings.
  • To earn a Ph.D. in psychology:The coursework and experience obtained in the Experimental Psychology Program is designed to enhance students' credentials when applying to highly competitive doctoral programs.

The emphasis of the M.A. Program in Psychology is on psychological theory and research skill development. Admission to the Program is based on an adequate undergraduate background in psychology and other disciplines. Courses selected for concentrations of study commensurate with the objectives listed above probably require specific prerequisites or their equivalent. Students who do not have an adequate background in psychology to pursue a specific concentration should expect to spend extra time completing work for the degree. The specific courses comprising the program of study for a concentration are selected in consultation with the M.A. in Psychology Program Coordinator.

Evan Palmer

Graduate Coordinator, MA Psychology
San Jose State University
College of Social Sciences
Department of Psychology
Dudley Moorhead Hall 316
San Jose, CA 95192-0120
Phone: 408.924.5547