BA Major in Psychology: Before Fall 2004

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BA in Psychology

Declared Fall 1997 to Summer 2004

Effective Fall 1997, the requirements for the undergraduate BA in Psychology at SJSU have been revised. The main change involves the restructuring of the five concentrations into a single set of requirements: this is designed to give students greater flexibility in selecting courses suited to their individual needs.

Students who entered SJSU before the Fall 1997 semester can choose to follow either the revised or the current major requirements if they have kept up "continuous attendance" in public higher education in California. Please see a Psychology Department advisor if you have any questions.

A. Lower-Division Core Courses (12 units)

Course Number Description
PSYC 001 General Psychology
PSYC 018 Intoduction to Research Methods
PSYC 030 Introductory Psychobiology
STAT 095 Elementary Statistics

B. Upper-Division Core Courses (18 Units)

Course Number Description
PSYC 110 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 102 Child Psychology

Select one course from each of the following categories


Course Number Description
PSYC 135 Cognition
PSYC 155 Human Learning
PSYC 158 Perception

Human Aspects

Course Number Description
PSYC 139 Psychology of Personality
PSYC 154 Social Psychology
PSYC 170 Industrial/Organizational Psychology


Course Number Description
PSYC 117 Psychological Tests and Measures
PSYC 120A Advanced Methods - Experimental Design
PSYC 120B Advanced Methods - Alternative Designs
STAT 115 Intermediate Statistics
STAT 125 Analysis of Variance

Capstone Experience

Course Number Description
PSYC 190 Current Issues in Psychology
PSYC 195 Senior Honors Seminar

C. Electives (9 Units)

Choose any three Psychology courses from our catalog. Note At least two must be upper-division.

D. Courses in Support of the Major (6 Units)

PSYC 100W Writing workshop (Passed with a "C" or better)

BIOL 21 or BIOL 65 Human biology (includes lab) or human anatomy (includes lab)