HSI Minor Requirements

The core minor topics include general psychology, human cognition, basic statistics, and an introduction to Human Factors. The electives will allow you to tailor the minor to your academic and career interests. The minor requires 15-17 units in addition to the required preparatory courses.  At least 12 of the required or elective units in the minor must be separate and distinct from the units used for your major program. Separate from those 12 units, the six "preparation for the minor" units are not restricted from double-counting with your major or another minor.

Preparation for the Minor (6-7 units)

  • PSYC 001 General Psychology
  • STAT 095 Elementary Statistics (or equivalent GE Area B4 class or BUS2 090 [BUS4 91L is a prerequisite for BUS4 90 (+1 unit)])

Required courses (9 units)

  • PSYC 173 Human Factors
  • Any two of the following:
    • PSYC 135 Cognition
    • PSYC 155 Human Learning
    • PSYC 158 Perception 

Electives in the Minor (6-8 units)

Complete any two courses from the following list of electives. 

Aviation Human Factors

    • AVIA 002 Introduction to Aviation
    • AVIA 073 Air Traffic Control
    • AVIA/BIOL 141 Human Factors in the Aviation Environment

Business/Management and Information Systems

    • BUS2 130 Introduction to Marketing
    • BUS4 091L Computer Tools for Business
    • BUS4 092 Introduction to Business Programming
    • BUS4 111 Networking and Data Communications

Human-Computer Interaction

    • ART/CS 108 Introduction to Game Studies
    • CS 046A Introduction to Programming [4 units]
    • CS 046B Introduction to Data Structures [4 units]
    • ISE 164 Computer and Human Interaction

Industrial Human Factors

    • DSID 121 Industrial Design Process
    • ISE 114 Safety Engineering
    • PSYC 170 Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Quantitative Methods

    • STAT 115 Intermediate Statistics




Declaring the Minor

Adding this minor as a lower division student is easy (lots of room to plan); as an upper division student you'll need to show us how it fints in with your educational plan.

  • we now process applications to add a new minor via an online submission by our major advisors (old version: Change of Minor Form)


Questions about the minor?

Contact our Psychology Advisers


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