Livescan Fingerprinting

Note re COVID: Livescan fingerprinting is temporarily on hold. To obtain your RAP sheet, please contact a livescan provider [pdf].

How to get started?  Many people do not know what is on their record; others do not remember the details.

Getting a copy of a criminal history report (“RAP sheet”) is a helpful step in the process of expunging one’s record. RCP recognizes that many people have trauma associated with being fingerprinted; we offer fingerprinting in a friendly environment.  

Please email to make an appointment and receive the updated information.

Fingerprinting is either free or $25.  It is free if:

  • You receive government assistance (examples: Supplemental Security Income, CalWORKs, unemployment benefits).  Please bring something showing your benefits.
  • You are incarcerated in a local, state, or federal correctional facility.
  • You are unable to afford the $25 fee based on your annual income and the number of people in your household.  

If you are not low-income, RCP collects $25 cash for the California Department of Justice fee to receive a copy of your RAP sheet.