Fully Online Applications

We are excited to announce that, effective Fall 2022, all undergraduate students will be required to apply for graduation via MySJSU.  

For the past several years, we have been collaborating to move from a paper graduation application process to a graduation application process that takes place online in MySJSU.

This new method improves the experience of both students and faculty/staff in terms of efficiency and transparency. This change also reduced the time it takes for a student to receive their undergraduate diploma. 

With the benefits of an online process, the Office of the Registrar will not accept paper applications or major forms for students planning to graduate in Fall 2022 or later.

In the coming months, the Office of the Registrar will work closely with departments still following a paper graduation process to support and onboard them to the online process. In the interim, visit Application Central page for general information.

FAQ Topics

How do I apply online?
Follow this tutorial [pdf] to apply via MySJSU. If you do not see the "apply" button, contact your major advisor.

I already received a Graduation Worksheet. Do I need to use the online process to apply again?
Follow the Worksheet for degree requirements.  If you have questions about the Worksheet, please contact your Graduation Evaluator.

My major department has already submitted a paper application and major form for Fall 2022 to the Office of the Registrar.    Do I have to apply online?
No.  Most likely we have already processed the application.  You can verify on MySJSU.  However, all Fall 2022 graduates must follow their MyProgress report for degree requirements.

I need to change my graduation date. Do I need to reapply online?
No, you do not have to apply again.  Follow the Worksheet or MyProgress for degree requirements. Visit Application Central for more details.

I'm graduating in Spring 2022 but my major will start following the online graduation process for students graduating in Fall 2022.  Do I apply using a paper graduation application and major form?
Yes, if your major will begin accepting online applications for students graduating in Fall 2022, please submit a paper application and major form to graduate in Spring 2022.

I plan to graduate in Fall 2022 but do not see the "apply" button in MySJSU.
Contact your Graduation Evaluator.

I still have questions about how to apply. Who should I contact?
You should start by contacting your College Success Center and follow-up with your Graduation Evaluator