Graduation Application Format

We have two ways to submit graduation applications. Most majors use the online format, while others still use the paper application. 

Use the tables below to see the correct format for your major or college.

Application Format Details

Online Format

Apply online via MySJSU.  No need to submit a major form.  You may use this option if your Graduation Status says Eligible for Graduation. You will receive an email notification when your graduation evaluator has reviewed your file. Learn more from the Online Graduation Application tutorial [pdf]. If you need to apply late, consult your major advisor.

Paper Format

Read the Instructions [pdf], then download and print the paper Graduation Application [pdf].  Contact your major department for procedures on how to submit documents. You will need to collect the appropriate signatures from them to complete the application and major form.    Once signed, forms can be submitted directly to your graduation evaluator. You will receive a graduation worksheet when your graduation evaluator has reviewed your file.

Visit Application Central for more details about the overall application process.