The Humanities B.A. Comparative Religious Studies Concentration presents scholarly interpretations of the world's religious traditions.  It aims to be as global as possible in covering the great diversity of religions and as inclusive as possible in covering various methodological approaches to the study of religion.

Faculty members of the Comparative Religious Studies Concentration are committed to guiding students in the kinds of learning needed for this task.  In other words, it is our goal to provide students with the key elements of religious literacy: knowledge of the basic data in the study of religions, respect and tolerance for diverse religious perspectives, and critical thinking skills that can be applied to explanations of religion from insiders as well as outsiders.

The Humanities B.A. Comparative Religious Studies Concentration offers a comprehensive preparation for those who plan to undertake graduate education in theology, history of religions, and other related areas.

The Comparative Religious Studies Minor offers a basic understanding of religious beliefs and practices for those whose careers would benefit significantly from a familiarity with various religious traditions.