The Level-Up Grant: Reaching the Next Level in your Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities

Sent: 06/25/2020
From: Dr. Mohamed Abousalem, Vice President for Research and Innovation

The Division of Research & Innovation is excited to announce the new Level-Up Grant: Reaching the Next Level in your Research, Scholarship,and Creative Activities. This SJSU grant program is designed to help our faculty take their RSCA activity to the next level.

The Level-Up grant provides resources for conducting specific RSCA projects that build capacity and increase competitiveness for larger extramural funding. All proposals must identify a specific “target” extramural grant program to which the Principal Investigator (PI) will apply based on the work accomplished under the Level-Up grant. The Level-Up grant is available to SJSU RSCA projects led by individual PIs, multidisciplinary teams, and multi-institutional teams in award amounts of $10,000 or $20,000 - see funding categories, amounts, eligibility requirements, and all other details here.

Given the current and likely future COVID-19 restrictions, all proposed RSCA work under this grant must be compatible with the SJSU RSCA Adaptation Plan as laid out for Phase 2, given that any research compatible with Phase 2 can be conducted under the later Phase 3 and Phase 4. This requirement may be revised prior to the final deadline if conditions change significantly.

We look forward to receiving your proposals.

Dr. Mohamed Abousalem
Vice President for Research and Innovation