Smart Cities/Smart Living


The Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) conducts surface transportation research, education, workforce development, and technology transfer and leads the nation in researching safe, reliable solutions that increase mobility of people and goods and strengthen the nation’s economy. To achieve this the MTI: leverages new technologies and innovative processes to achieve a seamless, multimodal surface transportation system that integrates with other “smart city” investments; creates a safer, more reliable, and more resilient surface transportation system that improves equity through increased access to jobs, housing, services, and other opportunities; reduces the impact of transportation on climate change by identifying feasible alternative modes and fuels and innovative ways to reduce vehicle miles traveled; increases access to surface transportation so that people of all abilities and socioeconomic levels enjoy the same opportunities for learning, living, labor, and leisure; and optimizes passenger and freight movements to improve mobility of people and goods through development of more accurate data models and advanced application of analytical tools.


SJSU researchers study ways to combat adversarial attacks and malware using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques and robust deep learning models. SJSU researchers simulate realistic adversarial attacks where the attackers have access to the real users data and demonstrate how their models can defeat such attacks. In addition, SJSU researchers propose low-cost, low-latency, high-accuracy, and high-reliability autonomous driving models based on deep learning techniques and suggest ways to defend against adversarial attacks to these models.

Data Analytics

SJSU researchers identify, use, and evaluate current and emerging data analytics technologies and tools for integrating multidisciplinary knowledge to engage in practical data analytics projects, from analyzing requirements to managing data, building models, presenting results, and assessing societal impacts.