Social Justice and Equity

Community-Engaged RSCA

SJSU researchers are working to close the equity gap for foster and homeless youth by partnering with organizations working with these communities; develop affirming behavioral healthcare for queer Californians guided by community members; and creating spaces for creative expression for at-risk youth. SJSU researchers participate in various forms of community engagement to ensure that their RSCA is responsive to community needs. These approaches, from community-action research to ethnographies, ensure that researchers are advancing social justice by elevating the voices of those with whom they are working.

Racial Justice

SJSU researchers are helping to identify the failure of systems that create disparities based on race in health, education, and the economy. This work serves as a platform to compel sweeping policy change to deconstruct racist structures. Furthermore, SJSU is partnering with community members to provide platforms for their voices and stories, creating opportunities for public engagement with the ways in which historic injustices continue to suppress diversity and inclusion. 

Health Disparities

SJSU researchers are partnering with local and national organizations to address the impacts of health disparities through intervention work in mental health, developing indexing tools for the county health department around the impacts of disparities, cataloging the enduring legacy of access to care disparities, and more. 

Environmental Justice

Engaging with partners from around the world and across campus, SJSU researchers are finding ways to right historical injustices in the environment. From tracking the impacts of transportation policies to monitoring environmental toxins to developing community gardens for education and to combat food deserts, SJSU is combating environmental injustice.