IRB: Non-SJSU Researchers

Non-Collaborative Research

Non-SJSU investigators who wish to conduct human subjects research at San Jose State University should first seek approval from their home institution.

Once IRB approval is obtained from your home institution, follow the steps outlined below for registration:

  1. Fill out the External IRB Approval Registration Form (docx)
    The form describes the documents that must be submitted. You do not need to submit any other SJSU-specific forms or documents. Be prepared to provide the FWA number of the IRB at your home institution. You can obtain this number by contacting your IRB. Please do not rely on SJSU staff to determine this for you. Registration forms that do not provide the FWA number or provide a number that is invalid will not be accepted, and you will be directed to your home IRB to resolve this.
  1. Email the form and accompanying documents to
  2. Await an email confirmation of your registration from the Human Protections Analyst (7-10 business days).
  3. Contact us to report any campus-specific problems that may place subjects at risk of harm or to report a research-related injury affecting SJSU subjects or the SJSU campus.

NOTE: SJSU IRB registration does not obligate campus departments and staff to assist you with your research activities, including the recruitment of subjects or the release of student directory information. Cooperation by the campus community is strictly voluntary.

Collaborative Research

SJSU personnel who wish to assist outside investigators must complete a training course prior to recruiting subjects, obtaining consent, or collecting research-specific data on behalf of outside investigators. Additionally, SJSU personnel should alert outside investigators to the information on this page and ensure that the research team has provided evidence of IRB approval and registered their activities with the Office of Research.

For collaborations that involve both SJSU investigators and outside investigators, different approaches may be used to obtain approval depending on how the research will be conducted. Either each investigator can independently obtain approval from their respective IRBs or one institution can agree to be the reviewing IRB. Investigators are encouraged to contact us in advance to work out the most efficient process for getting approval.

External Investigators from Institutions Lacking IRBs

SJSU policy does not require its IRB to review research projects by external investigators who either come from an institution lacking an IRB or who are conducting research independent of any institutional support.  SJSU will not take responsibility for or provide institutional support for external investigators’ research activities.