Celebration of Research 2020

Celebration of Research

Welcome to our 2020 Celebration of Research virtual event page!

We’re in the midst of a unique and challenging period here at SJSU—indeed, with our entire nation and global community. But although we’ve had to cancel or postpone many in-person events—including our annual Celebration of Research—we were determined to carry on and develop an alternative method for recognizing and honoring our student and faculty researchers. Voilá—the virtual event web page you are now visiting.

SJSU’s Celebration of Research salutes the great research work of both our faculty members and our students; in particular, we see how our faculty efforts in research, scholarship and creative activities (RSCA) directly support the success of our students. Through those RSCA endeavors, our students stay engaged in their classes, gain important hands-on experiences for their careers and are better prepared to pursue a degree of higher education.

Through this virtual event website, we can all take great pride in our faculty research successes and honorthe achievements of this year’s two Early Career Investigator Award winners, Kim Blisniuk and Yue “Wilson” Yuan, and the 12 CSU Statewide Student Research Competition entrants. These, as well as the 90+ Undergraduate Research Grant participating students, can all be celebrated while you learn about their fascinating work and projects.

Finally, three creative activities are also showcased, and I would invite you to learn more about them: spatial arts lecturer Yvonne Escalante’s exceptional work in developing an electroforming workspace on campus; Assistant Professor of Graphic Design Yoon Chung Han’s Human Iris Project; and the Threepenny Opera performances. All of these projects are just amazing!

We have a world-class faculty and student body eager to innovate and place their stamp on the world and do great things. So while we’re all sheltering-in-place, let’s take some time to celebrate some of the fantastic research, scholarship and creative activity our faculty and students are involved in year round. Enjoy, and congratulations to all of our honorees!

Mohamed Abousalem
Vice President for Research and Innovation

Research Scholarship and Creative Activity Highlights

Researcher(s) Article
Yoon Chung Han Eyes Wide Open
Yvonne Escalante The Challenge of Electroforming

Early Career Investigator Award Recipients

Recipient(s) Title
Kim Blisniuk Assistant Professor of Geology
Yue "Wilson" Yuan Assistant Professor of Justice Studies

CSU Statewide Student Research Competition SJSU Entrants

Student(s) College Advisor
Allison Bui [pdf] Health and Human Sciences Dr. Areum Jensen

Apoorva Karekal [pdf]

Science Dr. Katherine Wilkinson

Gurpreet Klar [pdf]

and Niko Rosales [pdf]

Chemical Engineering Dr. Liat Rosenfeld
Sovannie Len [pdf] Social Sciences Dr. CJ Duh

Aldrich Mangune, [pdf]

Junlan Lu, and Nikhil Saunshi [pdf]

Engineering Dr. Magdalini Eirinaki
Nivedha Murugesan [pdf] Science Dr. Cristina Tortora
Grace Schefcik Education Dr. Pei-Tzu Tsai
Austin Tse Social Sciences Dr. Justin Rietz
Rachel Windsor [pdf]

Social Sciences

Dr. Megumi Hosoda

Undergraduate Research Grants Program Presenters

Student(s) Advisor Proposal
Kareem Aboulhosn [pdf] Laura Miller Conrad Uncovering the molecular target of an antipyocyanin compound using a photoaffinity labeling approach
Tania Mancilla Aceves [pdf] Bree Grillo-Hill Probing autophagy in tumor models in Drosophila
Matthew Aguilar Folarin Erogbogbo Production of Drug Loaded Nanoparticles through Multi-Inlet Vortex Mixer
David Alcazar [pdf] Dahyun Oh Artificial SEI formation via LiF Coating on TiO2-B Nanowires in LIB
Gustavo Aldama [pdf] Jensen Areum Vascular response to exercise in adults with cerebral palsy
Zaida Aleman [pdf] A.J. Faas Women's Roles in the Wake of Disaster
Daniel Alnasir [pdf] Melinda Simon/td> SLATE bioprinter
Chiela Badua Chang Seung Ho Promoting Motor Skills and Self-Regulation for low-income and ethnic minority children
Amy Bang Chang Seung Ho The Effectiveness of Physical Activity Interventions for Low-income and Ethnic Minority Children
Yousef Barati Lee Sang-Joon (John) Morphological Stability in a Ceramic-Polymer Composite Electrolyte
Austin Betancourt [pdf] Carter Benjamin Population Genetics, Ecology And Reproductive Biology Of A Rare Redwood Forest Specialist: Dudley's Lousewort
Cassandra Boyd [pdf] Jamie Kubota Development of WHISK (Wellness & Health, Inspired Student Kitchens)
Sonja Boytcheva [pdf] Austin Thomas SharedWealth: Winner-Takes-Some Cryptocurrency Mining Protocol
Nicole Brown [pdf] Matthew Leineweber Infant Hand Prosthetic using Silicone Molding and 3D-printed soft-shell
Gwenlyn Angel Cabiltes [pdf] Dahyun Oh The Use of Si-C Nanoparticles as Anode Material for Li-ion Batteries
Andrea Kay Cajucom [pdf] Aaron Romanowsky Optical Image Analysis of Gas-Rich Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies
Rose Carion [pdf] Gilles Muller Enantiomeric recognition of biological substrates
Ashley Castle [pdf] Jensen Areum Impaired autonomic nervous system activity in children with Autism
Harshika Chadha [pdf] Kothari Tanvi Are we 'Leaning In' Enough?: A Study of Women Leaders in Technology
Harry Chang Yan David Surface Microstructural Evolution in Machining Zr-based Metallic Glass
William Chau [pdf] Roy Okuda Investigations of Bioactive Natural Products from Grindelia camporum
Tiffany Chau Thomas Madura 3D Design Applications in Virtual Reality
Jordan Conragan Katarzyna Tarnowska Development of a Knowledge Base for Tinnitus Retraining Therapy
Smruthi Danda [pdf] Agumbe Suresh Mahima SaFeR - A Safety Framework for e-Scooter Riders
Jacob Day Aaron Romanowsky Compact Stellar Systems around a Dwarf Spiral Galaxy
Natalee Devine [pdf] Dina Izenstark How and Why Setting Matters During Difficult Parent-Child Conversations
Brett Dispoto Katarzyna Tarnowska Evaluating the Usability of a Clinical Decision Support System for Tinnitus
Brett Dispoto Katarzyna Tarnowska User Interface for Clinical Decision Support System in Treating Tinnitus
Kaitlyn Do [pdf] Jihyun Lee Motivation and Peer Support in A Physical Activity Program for Older Adults with Disabilities: Exploring Experiences of Peer Mentors
Jessica Doan Lionel Cheruzel Light-driven whole cell biocatalysis
Arielle Dorch [pdf] Marcelle Dougan Social Determinants of Mental Health in California, by Life Stage
Jordan Dye Rosenfeld Liat Stability of drops in constricted microchannels
Elena Fader [pdf] Ehsan Khatami Holes in a Magnetic Background
Jessica Lourdes Felix Matthew Leineweber Automation of a desktop tensile testing system for engineering education
Christine Fleming [pdf] Dougan Marcelle Predictors of Anxiety in an Ethnically Diverse Urban University Population
Abril Perez-Gonzaga [pdf] A.J. Faas Church Administration of Cooperative Labor in the Ecuadorian Highlands
Alexander Gooyandeh [pdf] Dahyun Oh Developing artificial SEI layers using microbes for aqueous LIB
Nicole Henry Chang Seung Ho The Effectiveness of Physical Activity Interventions for Low-income and Ethnic Minority Children
Yvonne Hoang [pdf] Suneuy Kim Developing Macro-benchmarks for GeoYCSB
Thomas Hollibaugh Christopher Smallwood Rapid Acquisition and Processing of Optical Interferometer Data
Johnson Huynh [pdf] Wang Ningkun Dissecting the Enzyme Mechanism of SIRT1's Allosteric Regulation
Michael Huynh Lionel Cheruzel Sequencing analysis of directly evolved P450 mutants
Zunaira Iftikhar [pdf] Shelley Cargill Ovarian Follicle Stage Distribution in C57 Mice Fed a 5-week High Fat Diet
Calvin James Gilles Muller Development of a Tb(III)-Based Probe for Biological Materials
Audrey Jebasingam [pdf] Patrick Jurney Modular Shear Stress Platform for Endothelial Cells and Platelets
Parnit Jhutty [pdf] Jennifer Johnston Production of Integrase Deficient Lentivirus for Gene Editing Purposes
Luyao Ji Huang Yinghua An ICT-based approach for studying trade show attendees' behaviors
Jiahao Jiang Christopher Smallwood Real-Time Path Length Fluctuations of an Optical Interferometer
Snizhana Khomych [pdf] Bree Grillo-Hill The effects of increased intracellular pH on autophagy in mammalian cells
Liz Kidd Nidhi Mahendra Lexical-semantic impairments in Alzheimer's disease and aphasia
Zayln Kieu [pdf] Susan Ross Transformative and Mystical Aspects of Close Encounters with Whales
Allen Kim [pdf] Roy Okuda Investigations of Bioactive Natural Products from Emmenanthe penduliflor
Gurpreet Klar Rosenfeld Liat Analyzing droplet flow in micro channel using micro PIV
Nikola Klier [pdf] Katherine Wilkinson Effects of Piezo2 GoF Mutations on Proprioception in Mice
Andy Kwong [pdf] Wang Ningkun Exploring Motif A's Effect on the Enzymatic Activity of SIRT1
Matthew Lee Chang Seung Ho Promoting Motor Skills and Self-Regulation for low-income and ethnic minority children
Karen Lim [pdf] Jihyun Lee Preservice Physical Education Teachers' Attitudes and Beliefs Towards Postsecondary Students with Disabilities
Fiara Llaguno Frank Huynh The role of SIRT4 in coordinating nutrient status and hormone production
Kenneth Lum Frank Huynh Sirt4 protein quantification in cancer vs. non-cancerous cell lines
Kiana Luongo [pdf] Vergine Fabrizio Design of the Straightening Section of a Supersonic Wind Tunnel
Tommy Luong [pdf] Bree Grillo-Hill Probing Wnt and JNK signaling pathways in metastatic cancer cells
Shing Cho Ma [pdf] Gilles Muller Probing the chiral discrimination of L-malate derivatives by lanthanides
Armando Martinez [pdf] Bree Grillo-Hill Probing the Cellular Mechanism of Tumorigenic β-Catenin Mutations
Syed Muhammed Shaheer Masud Matthew Holian Replication using the American Community Survey
Manae Matsubara [pdf] Rachael French Molecular mechanisms of ethanol-induced feeding dysfunction
Karina Nava-Melchor Shelley Cargill Ovarian Follicle Stage Distribution in Mice Fed High Fat Diet for 15-weeks
Belule Michael Gilles Muller Eu and Tb(III) Compounds as Efficient Probes of Urea Hydrogen Peroxide
Andrea Molina Emily Slusser The Role of Executive Functioning in Children's Understanding of Number
Fatin Mustafa Frank Huynh The role of sirtuin 4 in mammary and ovarian development
Albert Nguyen [pdf] Frank Huynh The role of sirtuin 4 in modulating metabolism in mammary epithelial cells
Tina Nguyen [pdf] Wang Ningkun Identifying an Allosteric Switch Region within SIRT1
John Nguyen [pdf] Matthew Leineweber Knee Flexion Angle Sensor and Biofeedback Unit
Bryant Nguyen Anand Ramasubramanian Identification of Antibiotic Resistance Genes through Functional Metagenomics
Alyssa Occiano [pdf] Katherine Wilkinson Effect of vesicular glutamate deficiency on stretch sensitivity in mice
Monica Orosa [pdf] Jensen Areum Alterations in musculoskeletal function in children with Autism
Steven Ramos [pdf] Sumita Raghuram Commuting to work: boon or a bane?
Evelia Rodriguez [pdf] DuCros Faustina Louisiana Migrants in California Life History Project
Rae-Ann Santos [pdf] Miranda Worthen Digital Storytelling for Student Success
Arshia Hamzehpour Savojbalaghi [pdf] Frank Huynh Sirt4 expression in cell lines in response to various nutrients
Jason Silberman Yan David Cutting Force & Temperature in Machining Zr-based Bulk Metallic Glass
Tracey Simmons Carter Benjamin Population Genetics, Ecology And Reproductive Biology Of A Rare Redwood Forest Specialist: Dudley's Lousewort
Priyanka Sreeram [pdf] Melinda Simon Droplet formation using Step Emulsification
Brenna Stanton Vicky Gomez Assessing Quality of Life for Chronic Migraine Patients
Phuoc Tran [pdf] Gilles Muller Importance of Solvent on the Recognition of a Mixture of L- and D- serine
Hsin-Yi (Cindy) Tseng [pdf] Adrianne Widaman Evaluating the relationship between a 6-week bulk home cooking intervention and dietary intake
Austin Tse [pdf] Matthew Holian Average Earnings by College Major: Evidence from the ACS
Jocelyn Valenzuela Katy Kao Engineering TiO2 binding E. coli for lithium ion battery production
Sai Kiran Byri Venkata [pdf] Katherine Wilkinson Effect of Temperature on Muscle Spindle Afferents
Danny Ventura David Yan Effect of Temperature on Microstructural Evolution in Machining Zr-BMGs
Cassie Nina Villafuerte [pdf] Gilles Muller Investigation of the choice of emissive lanthanides in making bioprobes
Monica Villaseñor Jessica Castillo Vardaro Genetic Mark-Recapture of Tree Squirrels (Sciurus sp.) in San Jose, CA
Tyler De Vincenzi [pdf] Madalyn Radlauer Synthesizing catalyst-polymer hybrids to enhance catalytic activity
Harnoor Virk [pdf] Bree Grillo-Hill Roles for pHi dynamics in cell cycle regulation
Julia Vu Lionel Cheruzel Directed Evolution of Light-driven P450 Enzymes
Noah Niklas Wind [pdf] David Wagner Thermal Decomposition Behavior of Plastics
Jason Wong Lee Sang-Joon (John) Role of Surface Charge on Capacitance of Red Blood Cell Suspensions
Lea Woodley Patrick Cravalho Processing Numerical Set Transformations: Relationships with Children's Age & Knowledge Base
Ben Wu [pdf] Roy Okuda Bioactive Natural Products from Two California Native Plants
Feyza Yazar [pdf] Patrick Jurney Microfluidic Hemostasis Assay
Jackson Yip [pdf] Minghui Diao Cloud Characteristics at McMurdo Station in Antarctica in AWARE campaign

For more information about the Celebration of Research contact the Division of Research and Innovation at 408-924-2272 officeofresearch@sjsu.edu.