Organized Research and Training Unit(s) (ORU/ORTU)

Organized research and training unit(s) (ORU/ORTU) are established within the University to facilitate the conduct and dissemination of research, perform public services, and provide special training. They serve to fulfill the long-range needs and interests of the faculty and the university.

San José State University has over 30 research units and facilities that partner industry with academic research to enhance technology, encourage the development of new products, and improve education. 

ORU/ORTU Policies

Proposals for New ORU/ORTU

Proposals for new ORU/ORTU should be sent to the Graduate Studies and Research (GS&R) Committee via the Office of Research.  It is recommended that authors allow sufficient lead time before submission of their proposals for obtaining a preliminary review from the Office of Research. 

Proposals should be organized according to, and follow the stipulations contained within, the ORU/ORTU Guidelines below.  A budget template is included with the guidelines to be used for reporting a 5-year financial estimate.  Once received, the proposals will be reviewed by the Office of Research and the GS&R Committee with reference to the ORU/ORTU Checklist, also included with the guidelines.

Annual, Probationary, and Five-Year Reporting Requirements

Annual reports are required of all established ORU/ORTU.  In addition to annual reports, newly established ORUs are required to file a two-year report (use the five-year form below with modifications).  After the initial two-year probationary period, ORU/ORTU directors are required to submit annual reports and five-year reports, usually early in the fall semester. On the fifth year following a five-year review, both an annual and new five-year report are due. Each report must be accompanied by a budget report for the period covered. They should be sent to the GS&R Committee in care of the Office of Research.