Navigating Proposal Submission at SJSU

Research Development (RD) and the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) work closely together to support your pursuit of RSCA funding. Our roles and functions however, are different.

Research Development

The role of RD is to enhance the competitiveness of your proposal through strategic grant development before submission (pre-, pre-award services). Examples of RD support activities include planning a funding trajectory on 5-10 year timescales, finding the right opportunity for a project, finding collaborators or forming teams, coordinating and managing large proposals, concept development, strengthening the responsiveness of grant applications to the specific request, and strategic editing including enhancing the structure and presentation of all proposal components. These services are optional but are designed to enhance the chance of successful funding.

Office of Sponsored Programs

The role of OSP is to provide services to assist you with funding opportunities,  proposal submission (pre-award services), and award management after you are notified your project will be funded (post-award services). Examples of these activities include funding alerts and custom searches, limited submission processing, review of sponsor requirements, creation of OSP submission timeline, project budgets, proposal routing for authorized signers’ approvals, award negotiation and acceptance on behalf of the PI, oversight of day to day fiscal management and compliance regulations, and project closeout. These services are not optional and are required for proposal submission and post-award management.

Venn diagram demonstrating relationship between RD and OSP